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A trend has started at Camas High School (CHS) of students going out and getting their nails done, whether it be for a dance they are looking forward to or simply wanting to have pretty nails. One could walk through the halls and see lots of people with either their nails painted or acrylic nail art. 

Some may view this trend as dumb or a waste of time and money, however, some people find the process of getting their nails done a type of self-care. These acts of “self-care” are something that, for some, help to take away some stress from a long week of school. 

“I like getting my nails done. It’s a relaxing experience, and I enjoy being able to look down and see these beautiful nails,” CHS freshman Avery Holderman said.

Holderman is not the only person who feels this way about having their nails done. 

“Nails give me this confidence that I wouldn’t have otherwise and even though it seems stupid they make me feel better about myself; I love getting them done,” CHS Sophomore Juliette Murrow said.

What some may consider a downside of getting nails done is the cost, and thus, some decide to use other options for getting their nails done. The price can range from $30 to over $100 depending on the style.

Some choose to buy press-on nails at places such as Target and Ulta, with nails that come in a multitude of styles, while others do their nails themselves to take away the cost of going into a salon.

“The disadvantage of going to the salon is the overall cost, it is so expensive and it’s just not worth the time,” CHS Sophomore Keira Socquet said.

Even so, with high costs people continue going out and getting their nails done frequently. This trend does not seem to be stopping and it appears that it is only getting more popular. 

There are a plethora of places where one can get their nails done with lots of these places being locally. The prices vary from place to place so one could get their nails done at a lower cost at one salon. 

This trend will only become more popular with prom season coming up as many want to get their nails done to match their attire and complete their overall look. 

The opinions vary on whether this act of going to the salon is worth it or not but some believe it to be a way of treating themselves, and a way of being happy in who they are, as well as uplifting their confidence.

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