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January 29, 2024

Does CHS have a PDA Problem?

Two students walk the halls hand-in-hand

As the hallways buzz with chatter between classes at Camas High School (CHS), another topic becomes conversation: public displays of affection (PDA). In the environment of high school life, the line between innocent affection and discomfort is frequently crossed, prompting discussions among students, teachers and administrators about appropriate behavior on campus.

Students express affection for each other through a hug

PDA, ranging from hand-holding to more intimate gestures, is not uncommon among teenagers exploring romantic relationships. However, its visibility within school premises has sparked varied opinions and raised questions about its impact on the school environment. While some students believe that PDA is a natural expression of feelings, others find these displays to be uncomfortable or distracting.

“There are people fully making out in the middle of the hallway, which clogs up the halls and is uncomfortable for everybody nearby,” junior Rain Shibata said. “A really quick kiss or a peck is okay, but anything else is just impolite.”

Teachers and staff at CHS have also acknowledged this issue.

“I do not think that it is polite to display certain types of affection in public,”  CHS teacher Josef Hoffman said. “Any sort of extended mouth contact in front of people is very uncomfortable for all of us to see.”

The amount of PDA at CHS has remained relatively consistent throughout the years. Although it does not necessarily seem to be a problematic topic at CHS, the discussion remains. People have shared that couples must find a balance between expressing their affection toward one another while maintaining a respectful environment for their peers. Students engaging in PDA often draw unnecessary attention to themselves, disrupting the flow of the school day and distracting others. School is primarily a place for learning, and for some, witnessing PDA can make concentration in class challenging.

“If you are holding hands or something, it does not matter, but some people take it to the next level,” junior Sophia Johnsen said. “If an elementary schooler would not do it, neither should you.”

While some think it is heartwarming to see young couples expressing their affection for one another, most believe it should be done within a framework of mutual respect and consideration for everyone within the school community.

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