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Tanning Trials and Tribulations

A sunny day out

A popular trend that has shown up throughout the decades is tanning, and it can be seen at Camas High School (CHS). People choose to tan for a multitude of reasons, but sometimes they don’t always know the side effects of this activity. 

“I enjoy tanning because I feel better and prettier overall when I’m tan, and I think others like to tan because they feel more confident,” sophomore Kennedy Phelan said. 

With prom occurring, one of the main preparations that some go through is tanning; they work to look good in their outfits and feel more self-confident. 

While tanning appears to be beneficial to self-image, sun exposure without proper protection can cause serious negative effects, there are also consequences to the process of tanning itself. 

Sunscreen is important to protect the skin from UV radiation

Some students recognize the side effects of tanning. 

“I don’t plan on tanning myself because I know it isn’t great for you and I’m also scared of a (bad result) of tanning and how it would look on me,” junior Ella Brown said. 

Others, even though they still decide to tan, make sure to use sun protection and go out in the sun in moderation.

Heather Mulligan is a science teacher at CHS who has a lesson on the negative consequences of sun exposure and the effects of UV radiation. 

Mulligan’s lesson explains that increased exposure to UV radiation can mutate skin cells’ DNA, which causes the skin cells to divide rapidly; this process results in skin cancer. 

Another type of sunscreen

Furthermore, overexposure to the sun without proper protection can result in burns; these burns lead to limited fluid loss in tissue, which can lead to the kidneys and heart shutting down and it can also result in the loss of preventing infections in the body. These two facts were taught in Mulligan’s lesson as well. 

People have varied opinions on tanning itself since some find it makes them feel good about themselves, while others opt out of it because they are worried about the side effects or how it would make them look reinforcing this idea of self-image.

While tanning may seem like a harmless thing to do there are serious consequences that result from it and people should remember to wear sun protection, go out in the sun in increments, or use other methods to tan. 

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