CHS Swim Team Begins Their Season


Image Courtesy of Gene Jiang

Austin Fewel, Staff Writer

The Camas High School (CHS) boys’ swim season has started. The team has a lot of strong swimmers this year and is expecting to do very well this season.

The team started practices in the middle of November and will begin competing in meets within the next few days. Their practices are at 6:00 in the morning, so the team has to wake up early daily to train. Their first home meet will be on Dec. 7 at Gold’s Gym. 

Image Courtesy of Gene Jiang

I think the swim team will do great this year,” senior Anush Ilavarasan said, “we have several strong swimmers, who I believe will all qualify for state and further.”

The boys’ swim team is very confident in their ability to outswim all the other schools in the area. They think that they will be able to win the district championship, and go on to compete in and potentially win the state championship. Ilavarason is a senior who has swam for CHS in previous years, and he thinks that the team this year is excellent. He thinks that they will perform at a level that they have performed in the past. They have done very well in the past.

I know we have a strong freshman lineup and the rest of the team is pretty fast overall,” freshman Rafa Lavagnino said.

Lavagnino, a freshman, thinks that the CHS boys’ swim team has a great team this year and a lot of young talent that will help them continue to dominate high school swimming in the next few years. The team is ready to start swimming in meets and believes that they will be able to do very well.

Image Courtesy of Gene Jiang

Everyone is super supportive and always ready for practice even if they are injured or otherwise,” Lavagnino said.

Many of the CHS swimmers are excited to start the season. They enjoy the community that the boys’ swim team brings, but also the competition that comes with high school-level swimming. The whole team is very supportive of each other and is working together to try and win state for CHS swim. 

It’s a fun sport, especially if you know everyone who is doing it with you, that’s what makes me love swimming other than the easy exercise benefits,” Lavagnino said.

The CHS boys’ swim team can not wait to start competing at meets this season and wants as many people as possible to come to cheer them on. Their home meets are at Gold’s Gym.