CHS Volleyball On a Roll as They Go Into the Second Half of the Season


Image Courtesy: Austin Fewel

Austin Fewel, Staff Writer

As we come out of the first half of the 2022-2023 volleyball season, our Camas High School (CHS) volleyball team has a record of 9-1. As they go into the second half of the season, the team has high hopes of going far, and are excited to continue the season.

Image Courtesy: Austin Fewel

The CHS varsity volleyball players think they have been doing very well this season. “We started the first half of the season off strong,” said senior Kelli Kraft. “I would say our team is doing a great job of playing together as a lot of us have not played together before.” Although most of the volleyball players have not played together before, they are putting a lot of work into their practices. This hard work helped the volleyball team get their 9-1 record. 

The CHS volleyball team started off this season by winning their first three games. Although the fourth game was a loss, they did not let that stop them, and they won their next six games. As the first half of the season comes to a close, the volleyball team is very happy with their performance, and are ready to continue the hard work and continue to win their games. 


The team is excited to continue with the season, and are ready to play hard in state. “For the second half of the season we expect to go undefeated playing our league matches, and we are working hard to make it to bi-districts and state,” said junior Mia Thorburn. Although they are expecting to go quite far in state, they still have some work to do.

Image Courtesy: Austin Fewel 

“In terms of the second half of the season we will definitely improve our game by being consistent and controlling our side of the court,” said Kraft. “I expect our team to make it far this season and if we keep up the hard work we will be state bound.”  They think that they will be able to win many of the rest of their games, and believe that if they continue to put in hard work, they will have a good chance of going to state. 


The CHS volleyball team has been working very hard to play their best, and they believe that they will continue to win. With this, they hope to make a deep run in state, and think that they could be a contender for the state championship.